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i read this at take back the night last night

my roommate is brave and talented


The Parents Project is real thing that is really happening.
AKA, the site is up!

Our first handful of posts and our brand new design just went live moments ago - and we are so excited to share it with you all! We will be working over the next few months (and then to infinity and beyond!) to continue to build the essays, advice, stories, and more, and to work out any and all of the tiny bugs that will arise in these first few weeks.
We cannot thank all of you enough for supporting us and helping us begin this resource for so many parents who need guidance and support. 
Stay tuned as we add many new resources, and follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram!!

It’s aliiive! A one of a kind resource for parents of LGBTQ people to get their questions answered, The Parents Project has been a long time coming and it is alive and it is beautiful.

Everyone Is Gay has worked incredibly hard on this and i am so proud to know them and have worked with them on this.

The Parents Project website includes video and written advice in Q&A format as well as a glossary of terms, faqs, and a list resources all over the country
the website just went live today, and will continue to be updated. 

There is also a book, “This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids” which will be published in September!

What is beginning here is important and doesn’t exist anywhere else in quite the way it does here.
Please check it out!!



ARE YOU EMO?Source: Seventeen Magazine, c. 1999 - 2002

still my ideal look

i don’t like you brooch

Religious people came to my friends door and gave her this pamphlet but they got the texts wrong so apparently jesus has no time for you


Witches-Circa 1800s

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When we went to Yellowstone….

Mascara, 1917

Whoa now this is what I call a history lesson